Boxing betting: tutorial to win by KO

Boxing betting
April 5, 2023

Boxing betting has been around forever. If you look at any boxing movie, even a very old one, you will see how betting is a fundamental part of this sport. Today, with the appearance of new technologies, boxing betting has changed a lot. At online casino we have a series of markets that go beyond the classic winner bets. The typical bets at the foot of the ring have passed away. Read on and find out how to bet on boxing…

Keys to your boxing bets

First of all, you have to know that in boxing there are different weight categories and organizations. It is a fact to take into account when betting since some rules may vary depending on the combat. If you are going to make boxing bets, do not let your guard down and pay attention:

Do your research before betting: as we have mentioned before, in boxing there are different weight categories. You have to take into account when a boxer does not fight in his weight. You may have an immaculate track record, but when competing at another weight you may experience fatigue sooner if you have had to cut a lot of weight, or your hands may not be as powerful as your opponent’s if you have moved up from category. In addition, the weeks leading up to the fight can also serve as an indicator. The nervousness in the press conferences and even the intensity of the training sessions can guide you in your boxing bets.

Don’t trust the record: many times you will see boxers with a 0 loss record. Obviously, if they have never lost something good they must have, but be careful that there may be other factors. One of them is that they have not yet faced an opponent with a face and eyes. Another may be that he has never been a title contender, so you don’t know how he will react in such an important fight. In short, the record matters, but it is not everything.

There is life beyond winning bets: normally, the winning odds of the match are not very high. With which, the benefits are not either. You have to bet a lot of money to make it profitable, which is somewhat risky. Think that in boxing almost always the favorite usually wins, but it is a sport in which everything can change in a tenth of a second. A hand at the beginning of the fight or a bad physical preparation, can end the one who was a priori the favorite. So look at other markets.

5 ways to win a fight

win a fight

To be successful in your boxing bets, it is key to understand the rules well. The rounds are 3 minutes, but the number can vary depending on the organization. In championship fights there are 12 rounds, while in the Olympic Games, for example, there are 3. At online casino you will find professional boxing bets, so most fights will be from 6 rounds.

But the important thing in boxing is knowing how to win a fight. You can win in 5 ways.

  • Decision: it is when the rounds have come to an end and the judges decide by means of a score which boxer has been superior.
  • Technical decision: the fight is decided on points, the same as in the previous case, but the end of the fight has not been reached due to an injury.
  • Knockout: A boxer knocks down his opponent and the opponent does not exceed the ten second countdown set by the referee.
  • Technical knockout: This is when the referee stops the fight before the bell rings. It can occur for different reasons: the boxer’s corner throws in the towel (surrenders), the boxer himself decides not to continue fighting, and the referee determines that the boxer is taking too much punishment and does not react to blows.
  • Disqualification: The referee disqualifies a boxer for breaking the rules.

Types of bodies (world titles) in boxing

bodies in boxing

Unlike sports like soccer, where the highest body is FIFA, in boxing there are several organizations. This means a greater number of boxers, categories and world championships. Each organism has its own rules and promoters, and there are a total of 4:

  • WBA – World Boxing Association (1962)
  • WBC – World Boxing Council (1963)
  • IBF – International Boxing Federation (1983)
  • WBO – World Boxing Organization (1988)

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