Best boxers in history

Best boxers in history
March 16, 2023

There is no better way to end a post about boxing predictions without mentioning the 10 best boxers in history:

Muhammad Ali

The greatest of all time. His style and mentality made lovers of this sport enjoy themselves like never before. Outside the ring he was also an example to follow with his particular way of seeing the world. He was the first athlete to refuse to participate in the Vietnam War.

Ray “Sugar” Robinson

His boxing was aesthetically impeccable, that’s why they called him “sugar”, sweet. He incorporated movements that had not been seen so far, and that is what made him stand out from the rest of the boxers. His blows were fast and accurate, and he measured distance very well.

Joe Louis

If something stood out to this fighter, it was the power of his hands when he managed to shorten the distance and measure himself in the melee. His blows to the flotation zone (body) were destructive, hence his nickname “The Detroit Bomber.” He was the first heavyweight looking for long fights without despairing of a knockout.

Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez

He carried out nothing more and nothing less than 37 world championship fights (record to date). He is considered by the vast majority to be the best Mexican boxer of all time. He never backed down, always pushed forward, and had a tremendous tolerance for blows.

Archie Moore

He was a middleweight, but he was up against heavyweights. That already says a lot about Moore. He holds the record for knockouts, a total of 145 in 219 fights. He was world champion for 9 consecutive years, from 1952 to 1961. He was nicknamed “The Old Mongoose”.

Ray “Sugar” Leonard

Like Ali, he was also an Olympic champion with the United States. His boxing was characterized by his peculiar movements, his moving defense and his ascending combinations. He starred in epic battles against Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, and Marvin Hagler.

Carlos Monzon

He was not a boxer who fought for the public. He focused on taking advantage of the weaknesses of his opponents without showing off excessively. This boxing style made him reach the top. He managed to defend the world title a total of 14 times, and is considered the best Argentine boxer in history.

Alexis Arguello

The Nicaraguan became a boxing star. He was champion at 3 different weights (featherweight, super featherweight and lightweight) and won 65 fights by knockout, crazy. He executed direct blows perfectly and knew when to finish off his opponent. He was also mayor of Managua, the capital.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

The only one on this list that is still active. He is an athlete through and through and his defensive ability has revolutionized the world of boxing. He hardly gets hit, he dodges, moves and covers like nobody else. In any case, according to the experts, he has always faced inferior rivals to him.

Roberto Durán

Simply put, the Panamanian loved this sport. He fought for 33 years as a professional, from 1968 to 2001. He was able to beat the great Ray “Sugar” Leonard, but in the rematch he gave up and left the ring. Despite that episode, he will be remembered as a fighter who knew how to reinvent himself.

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