Use the bot for betting at Telegram bot

Bookmaker pleased to present to your attention a convenient bot for sports betting in the Telegram.

General Director (CEO) of the company Coingaming has shared information on the implementation of the exclusive opportunity for all existing and new players, Sportsbet.IO, with their gaming experience will be moved to the brand new, more qualitative level.

See betting bot

Bot betting from is a great mix of accessibility and a simple, but convenient features that will offer amazing opportunities for it users desktops and mobile devices using text mode API Telegram. It is also worth noting that the betting bot has all the same category of sports, events and markets that are offered on the website Telegram bot

What is the value of this bot?

Through the use of this software, all players can make bets in reasonable quantities, to receive notifications of selected events and completed reports and performed cash transfers – all this in a timely manner appears in the form of alerts.

All information made deposits and withdrawals as well as a history of transfers available when you enter certain commands. Moreover, the bot is multi-lingual, which adds to the convenience of the users and, if necessary, they may choose any language, which bot will communicate with them.

A rate process is very simple – the user can navigate through different sports categories available on the main website through a special button of the bot.

Bot not only helps but also controls the entire process of creating requests for bids, confirmation and, finally, placing the most bets.

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