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If you have ever wondered how you can earn bitcoins without investments and in automatic mode, pay your attention to the special service

Overview of the site (FreeBitcoin) is a gaming platform founded back in 2013, at the time when the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was just beginning to gain momentum. At the moment, the freebitcoin site already has more than 3,500,000 users many of whom have left positive feedback, and the amount of the prize is equal an overwhelming amount of 78,619.68515806 BTC.

Many people first heard about the Freebitcoin site when they were looking for reliable Bitcoin faucets on the Internet. It is noteworthy that despite the huge number of faucets that regularly appear and close in bitcoin, the freebitcoin site has been working steadily and paying winnings to players for several years, even despite the extremely simple requirements for earning bitcoins in just a few clicks on the site.

At first glance, it may seem that this is another fraudulent site that was created with the sole purpose of deceiving its users and taking money from them. But this is far from the case, because to start working with the service, you require absolutely no investments, everything is quite easy and understandable. The site has several options for earning bitcoins without a deposit including free bonuses and weekly lotteries with the possibility of winning a solid jackpot, which is constantly growing and varies depending on the lottery tickets purchased. For example, the prize for the first place of the previous lottery draw, which took place on December 17, 2016, was 2.99826586 BTC.

How to start earning bitcoins on the site and get a stable income without investments

And so, to get started, you will need to have a bitcoin wallet, where you could withdraw earned millibitcoins, and if you do not have a bitcoin wallet, we recommend that you read our article to find out how to open an online bitcoin account correctly and safely.

Next, you need to go to the official website of in order to complete a simple and quick registration, which will take you no more than 15 seconds. Unfortunately, at the moment the site freebitcoin is available only in English, but we are sure that with our help you will cope with all the stages!

Just follow the instructions and fill out the form as shown in the screenshot below.

After you confirm your valid email address, you will be able to enter freebitcoin site successfully and start using all the features of the site to make free bitcoins. In the freebitcoin gaming account, you can change your email, bitcoin wallet, and password, as well as activate Google Authenticator for additional protection of your account and available funds.

And now let’s analyze in detail in what ways you can earn Bitcoins without investments and risk of losing your money.

The first method is random bitcoin distribution, which is located in the “FREE BTC” tab.

Absolutely any registered user can receive up to 0.25300123 BTC every hour! How it works: by going to the tab, you get to the page with random distribution of bitcoins, where the amount of your winnings will depend on the number that fell on the playing field. The amount of your prize will depend solely on your luck, and in the screenshot below, you can see the table with the distribution of prize money.

To start the game you need to perform a few simple steps:

1) pass the captcha test
2) start the game by clicking the “ROLL” button
* In addition, you will receive 2 free tickets to participate in the weekly lottery with a more impressive prize pool;

All bitcoins you have won can be withdrawn to your e-wallet without much difficulty, simply by ordering a payment or using the automatic withdrawal system when the minimum amount of 0.3 mBTC is reached. Thus, the money will instantly go to an electronic account without your participation, which is certainly an excellent and convenient function to save time.

The second way to make money is the game “PROVABLY FAIR HI-LO“, where you can increase the already existing bitcoins.

The game has two modes:

  •  the manual mode “MANUAL BET“, where the player makes bets independently;
  • the automatic mode “AUTO BET“, where having set all the necessary settings the game will go into automatic mode without user intervention;

In addition, for each bet made on a total amount of 0.00004500 BTC in any of the game modes, the player will be awarded one lottery ticket and one reward point. Jackpot is also present in the game – if the number 8888 falls out, you can hit a huge jackpot of 1 BTC, the amount of winnings depends on the size of your bet made.

Let’s analyze this option for bitcoin earnings in more details:
BASE BET – here you set the amount of the desired bet which will be made in the next turn;
MAX BET / WIN – the maximum bet and the winnings are dependent on your bet;
BET ODDS – the minimum number of games;
NO. OF ROLLS – setting the maximum number of bets made in a single gaming session;
STOP BETTING AFTER – setting the automatic stop of the game under certain conditions, for example, setting the PROFIT function, you can set the required amount upon reaching which the game stops; if you select the LOSS function, you protect yourself from losing large amounts, that is when the specified threshold is reached the game will also stop automatically;
ON WIN and ON LOSE – these functions of the program are designed to determine exactly what actions need to be performed at a losing or winning rate. If you select the RETURN TO BASE BET function, the program will automatically place the bet selected in the BASE BET clause; in the INCREASE BET BY program you can select the percentage of the next bet increase for any outcome of events, that is win or lose;
ON HITTING MAX BET / WIN – setting up the program for certain actions that must be performed after each bet made;
RETURN TO BASE BET – repeats the bet made;
STOP BETTING – stops the game;
RANDOMIZE CLIENT SEED – automatically selects a random player;
DO NOT REFRESH – constantly play with one player;
ENABLE SOUNDS – enable / disable sound accompaniment;

The program window also has a game field that displays the entire gameplay where the game start button and indicators displaying the gameplay are also located, that is you can see yourself what actions the program performs and what bets it is making at the moment.

On, in addition to free bitcoins, there is also a weekly lottery with an impressive prize fund, tickets for which can be purchased in the LOTTERY tab, and the cost of one lottery ticket is 0.00000009 BTC. Tickets can be bought not only for bitcoins but also obtained for a certain activity on the site, for example, you will receive one lottery ticket for every bet of 0.00004500 BTC in the game PROVABLY FAIR HI-LO. In total, the lottery has 10 prizes and each has its own prize pool. On Saturdays, the prize fund is drawn by a random selection among all the lottery tickets purchased. On the lottery page, you can track the number of tickets available and the probability of your winnings.

Freebitcoin website rewards system

The site has a well-organized system of encouraging all active users. The referral system is organized in such a way that for each user you attract, you will be charged 0.25% of the commissions on the bets made by him. Thus, the more referrals you have, the higher your profit will be. In addition, as it was already mentioned a little higher, for every 0.00004500 BTC bet made, you will be credited with 1 reward point which you can spend in the site shop and purchase many great products ranging from free bonuses to modern gadgets. In the REWARDS tab, you will find all the necessary information about the number of points you have received, as well as where and what they can be spent on.

If you like to collect statistics and analyze your bets, especially for you, there is a section on collecting data on bets made on the site. At any time, you can open the STATS tab and analyze the graphs of your game, where you can see various indicators from the total amount of bets made to the number of referrals you give.

Next, let’s move on to the most important and interesting question for all – how to start earning Bitcoins without investments in automatic mode and according to the doubling or raising system rate?!

To do this, go to the PROVABLY FAIR HI-LO program and adjust the parameters as shown in the screenshot.

  Next, we will analyze together what parameters we set and what it is done for:

– We set the minimum BASE BET rate in the amount of 0.00000001 BTC – this parameter depends on your balance. If you have more funds on your balance account, you can set a higher minimum bet limit. But you need to take into account that for a profitable game, you need to count that your balance could be 1000 times more than the minimum bet, you will significantly reduce the risk of losing a large amount of funds.
– The maximal win rate MAX BET / WIN is set automatically depending on the minimum bet, so we skip this parameter.

The next thing we need to choose is the number of games in the automatic mode NO. OF ROLLS. You can set the parameters of this rate at your own discretion, as it affects only the number of bets made before overcoming the set limit on winnings.

In STOP BETTING AFTER, we need to select a parameter (PROFIT> =), as we already know. This parameter is responsible for stopping the game automatically when it is reached or when a given amount is exceeded. It is needed in order to maximally protect yourself from bigger losses. Simply select the desired limit for yourself, because after each goal you have reached, you will need to restart the game. It also makes sense to calculate everything considering the size of the bet – the higher the bet, the higher the limit.

Next, go to the action programming menu, select ON LOSE actions when losing, tick the INCREASE BET BY and set the parameter to 100%. Why do we do it? The whole bitcoin earning system is based on the doubling or raising system of the lost bet. This strategy is well known in the world of gambling, namely, among fans of online roulette using the martingale theory. What exactly happens – at a losing bet, the system will automatically raise the last lost bet by 100 percent, that is twice. For example: if you lose 0.00000001 BTC, the system will automatically raise your bet to 0.00000002 BTC, then, with a subsequent loss, to 0.00000004 BTC and so on, until your bet is winning. It is for a successful game with a raise, and you need to have a balance which is preferably greater than the minimum bet at least 1000 times.

In order for the system to understand that with the next winning bet it is necessary to return to the minimum, set the RETURN TO BASE BET parameter. It will also prevent the system from making a repeated bet and violating our cunning system. It is also necessary to set the parameter RANDOMIZE CLIENT SEED for a random selection of a new player.

That’s all! Now the program is fully configured and optimized for the automatic earning of bitcoins by the system of increasing rates. It remains only to restart the program periodically after reaching the specified win limit.

If you dive into the search, you can find a huge amount of additional information and training videos about free Bitcoin faucets and their most positive uses, for example, new working scoring strategies that will work in 2017, creating special scripts or bots to play freebitcoin automatically. Follow the news on our website to be the first to learn about working strategies and theories of earnings, as well as about new gaming platforms with getting free Satoshi and Bitcoins on the Internet.