Mar 31 2021

Bitcoin Cybersports

Bitcoin eSportsDo you know that it is possible to bet on popular e-sports matches using not only real currency or game skins but also bitcoins, and, in the latter case, completely anonymously? It’s just fantastic, especially if you are well-versed in popular computer games, cyber players or teams, and most importantly, you know how to analyze the statistics correctly and predict in advance the correct outcome of upcoming matches. In this case, you can not only place bets on eSports events but also get a huge financial benefit for yourself and thereby earn bitcoins. All this has become possible thanks to the use of the latest achievements in digital technologies, which are provided by the most famous and reliable developers, operators, and bookmakers on Bitcoins.

What makes bitcoin eSports bets so special?

All this started just a couple of years ago, when Bitcoin bets became widely available immediately on numerous bookmaker platforms, thanks to which millions of passionate sports fans got the opportunity to bet on their favorite teams, athletes or events. In turn, the Bitcoins have become an ideal tool for converting sports betting into something more and more affordable for people all over the world, especially in regions with jurisdictions where real money for sports events was strictly prohibited and illegal. The most interesting thing is that using cryptocurrency no law is violated, even though many countries have not yet recognized the BTC currency as legal.

Today there are dozens of portals and platforms offering their users to bet on sports and social events using Bitcoin, by the way, their number is steadily growing. Another more exciting fact is that some of these bookmakers are already offering their players the opportunity to bet bitcoins on a virtual sport. But only a couple of years ago, we could only dream of this, do you agree?

The competitive level of e-sports games is very high and is close to finally becoming recognized as a real sport. But even if this does not happen, what really prevents you from closing your eyes to this “official” status if you like computer games so much and want to bet on various eSports events. Today you can win bitcoins thanks to international cyber-sports events where world-famous players and teams gather at huge stadiums with thousands of fans, play the most popular online video games, and compete for the title of champion and huge cash prizes. The most popular games include several revolutionary creations such as ‘DOTA 2’, ‘League of Legends’, ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ and ‘StarCraft 2’, as well as many other awesome multiplayer online games.

Online eSports Bitcoin bets are the future of bookmakers

There can be absolutely no doubt that Bitcoin has long been entrenched in the virtual gambling and online sports betting industry since this cryptocurrency is the most convenient and efficient payment method ever used. Some people praise the unprecedented level of anonymity of this payment system, which was achieved only through the use of bitcoins. Others are fascinated by instant transfers, which allow you to send and receive funds within just a few minutes or even seconds, and scanty commissions for handling the transfer, which are almost equal to zero. In any case, if you compare Bitcoins with any other cryptocurrency or fiat money, you will always have a large and visible advantage over any of them, not to mention the possibility of betting on Bitcoin platforms.

Making online bitcoin e-sports bets is probably one of the best opportunities to ensure the highest probability of winning on the most favorable terms. All thanks to the latest electronic technology, access to which is open to everyone, and that’s all that is needed for this. The most advanced gambling Bitcoin platforms and bookmakers are in the process of constant expansion of the choice of their services, where you can now see completely new opportunities for bets never available before.

Find the best sites offering bitcoin online e-sports betting

Already now, you can easily make a BTC bet with the best possible odds on the most famous virtual sports platforms such as DirectBet, mBit Casino, Betcoin Sports, VegasCasino, eBettle, Sportsbook or Nitrogen Sports. Perhaps some of the mentioned above are already familiar to you, but there is nothing surprising in this – the industry is relatively young and is just beginning to gain momentum. We do not even doubt that in the course of 2019 there will be other, perhaps even more advanced sports bitcoin betting sites. We, in turn, will try to review all the new bitcoin bookmakers, especially those ones that offer eSports bets. And the only thing you need is to visit our site periodically and learn not only about the latest brands but also the best Bitcoin bonuses and odds for events. We sincerely hope that this is what you are looking forward to!

Here, on, you will get access to our comprehensive and detailed reviews of bookmakers and casino portals offering the opportunity to make a bitcoin sports betting including various cyberspace events online. As always, we have left no stone unturned preparing the most interesting and reliable betting portals that deserve your time and attention. If you are sure that eSports games and BTC bets are exactly what interests you the most, staying on our site you will find the latest, most relevant and useful information for yourself.

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Check out our new Bitcoin sports betting publications, where you’ll find an updated list of verified bookmakers. Read positive and negative reviews of other players to learn about the bookmaker something new and, in the end, choose the most suitable for yourself, perhaps it will offer the most profitable odds on Bitcoin rates. In addition, stay tuned to regular updates on our website to learn about all the new online games and upcoming cyber sporting events in 2019.

Bitcoins, e-sports, and sports bets combined in one place form something really big, impressive, and solid, something where the dreams of millions of gamers around the world can come true!



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